Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Enharza, a wretched hive of scum and villainy

Only four hours ago you disembarked from the Wind's Embrace, the old sailing ship which brought you from the Imperium to the city of Enharza on the southern tip of Varisha. The journey was long and the weather not always favorable, but  you arrived safely, which was the only goal. The waters around Varisha and the Southern Isles are home to many dangers, and safe travel is not to be taken for granted.

The misty fog that often plagues the waters of the Southern Isles was thin, and the captain of the Embrace had no difficulties with navigation. Most of the passengers on  the ship kept to themselves during the voyage, but the four of you began talking soon after leaving the port of Seaward on the island of Yendo and decided for safety's sake to partner up in your fortune-seeking. 

Art by Sam Michlap
You stood together against the rail of the ship as she pulled into the harbor of Enharza, admiring the walled city with its densely packed buildings and numerous tall, narrow towers. Enharza held the promise of opportunity. 

As soon as you disembarked your senses were assaulted by strange smells and loud voices, shouting in new languages. Exotically dressed men and women filled the narrow streets, many trying to hawk some trinket or oddity. Offers of unidentified meat on sticks were easily refused and finally you managed to get directions to Tavern Alley, where you hoped to find a place to spend your first night in Enharza.

Here at the edge of the civilized lands, it was clear that one must be on his toes; this is no place for the weak or incautious. Enharza is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. 

But Enharza is also a city of opportunity. Ships arrive every few days from near and far filled with brave (and foolhardy) souls looking to earn their fortune exploring the ancient ruins and forgotten lands of the dangerous Southern Isles. Gold can also be won by becoming the latest hero in the Arena or by doing other, less savory jobs. Some come to Enharza on the run and others just look for a new start. Enharza accepts all, but quickly separates the strong from the weak.

Artist unknown
Archon Fezaar rules the city, but you have heard rumors that in reality there is a constant struggle for power between the Thieves Guild and its numerous splinter factions on the one side and Fezaar and his Black Guard on the other. The Mages Guild keeps things in check while Enharza's many cults, churches and religious sects struggle for power and influence. 

Almost every inhabitant of Enharza has heard that the city was built upon the ruins of a much older place - indeed, evidence of the Old City is everywhere. And rumors of its hidden treasures persist, even now. The histories recount that the Old City was buried by cataclysmic ashes long before the Imperium reached its tendrils down to the Southern Isles once again.

You have arrived in Enharza, but what fate awaits you here?

Enharza was the main city in my last PbP game, and I wrote the above description as part of the initial post. Enharza was created by Santiago Luis Oría and published in Fight On! No. 6.   When I first came across the city map and the wonderfully evocative descriptions and tables I had no doubt that Enharza should be the centerpiece of my Sandbox. Although my Enharza is different from the original, I hope to be true to the flavor and vibe of the original.

I'll post in more detail soon about the various city sections and the source for random encounter generation that I am putting together.


  1. Cool blog and concept! I haven't read all the posts yet, but I've commented on a couple of the early ones, and I'll definitely be adding this to my reading list! I'm really interested in seeing how this unfolds.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Chris! And thanks for the kind words!