Thursday, December 25, 2014

What do the characters do back in town?

When the party is back in town, I will be more player than DM. I will try and play the characters as if they were my own (which I guess they kinda are), and select the most appropriate course of action based on their class, personality trait, etc. And of course I will also consider the carousing and gambling house rules for the unpredictability factor.

Artist unknown
I have created random encounter tables for each city district which will hopefully prove fruitful in generating additional adventure/story paths which the party (or part of it) could pursue. I don't want Enharza to be a 'safe base' for the party. I want it to be a place of adventure and danger just like the Southern Isles outside the city walls. The tavern is really the only safe haven. Well, mostly…

The party will be in town normally for d3 days unless there are extenuating circumstances (longer time needed to heal, not enough coin to stay, city-based adventure thread, etc). In general I will select an action from the below table per character or choose a couple as options and ascribe percent likelihood.

1 - Rest, recover, relax (i.e. stay in the tavern)  
2 - Carouse 
3 - Gamble
4 - Research/Study/Train
5 - Shop
6 - Explore town / visit city district or specific establishment
7 - Follow a previous lead
8 - Try and discover new leads (use  subtable)
9 - Attempt to recruit hirelings (use  subtable)

Rest, recover, relax
For those staying in, there is still a 25% chance per day for a tavern encounter (70% occurring at night). 

Carousing and Gambling
Use home brewed tables - an option for the characters to gain some XP and coin. Of course, failing a save might be problematic…

Another option for the characters to earn some XP. Mages can try and learn new spells from the Guild. The numerous temples and shrines offer clerics plenty of opportunities for furthering the aims of their order.

Art by Rhys Griffiths
Enharza offers everything under the sun for the right price. Merchants and charlatans have semipermanent stalls in the Bazaar District where strange goods and unique trinkets can be found. But watch out for pickpockets!

Explore town / visit city district or specific establishment
As mentioned each district has its own encounter tables; many are benign, just offering color. There is a 33% chance for encounter per city quarter visited.

Follow a previous lead
Once the game gets going and different story threads/adventure leads are created, the characters will undoubtedly have a few things to choose from here.

Try and discover new leads
Base chance of success is 25% per day; increases by 25% per day up to max 75%; cost is d12gp per day in drinks, food, and general schmoozing. If successful, roll on d00 table below:

1-30: Regarding known adventure locale (determine randomly)
31-60: Regarding unknown adventure locale (create one!)
61-80: Make a connection (see subtable)
81-00: Potential patron looking to hire party (create a lead using TOAD)

Connections subtable
1 - Random Meatshield who wants to join up
2 - Roll the Dice NPC,  down on his luck and will join for 1/4 share
3 - Local Merchant - all gear 20% off
4 - Make a connection in the Thieves Guild - gambling whenever you like (plus the odd job…)
5 - Roll the DiceTavern patron (new drinking buddy)
6 - Other...

What else could happen in the city? Ideas for more subtables?