Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Boys (and girl) Are Back In Town

In summary, the actions and events which unfolded over the next two days are as follows. (Note: I am using the Greyhawk calendar to track the passage of time)

Moonday, 17 Harvester
The party sat around a table in the Bone House and the spoils of their first adventure were divvied up. Thowin had converted the extra swords for coin and everyone came away pleased. A toast was made to the fallen Reldari and even to poor Loro the dwarf.

Art by freemachine
 After a few pints, Nux the torchbearer decided to take his few coins and leave the party (failed morale check). Seeing Reldari, his employer, cut down by the orks was enough to discourage the young lad from further dungeon delving…. at least for now. He wished the party well and was last seen heading towards the Bazaar, presumably to spend the few gold coins he came away with.

(Q: Does the party attempt to hire another cleric to replace Reldari? (Very likely - 06, exceptional yes. I rule this as an auto find - new search cost required!)

With the death of Reldari and the departure of Nux, Imorfin and Thowin Four Fingers decided to try and hire a new cleric and a new torchbearer. Balork contemplated paying a visit to the Mages Guild to investigate the possibility of researching new spells, while Fretta huddled under her robes in the tavern common room.

Imorfin and Thowin hadn't even finished discussing how to go about recruiting a new cleric, when they were approached by a young man who introduced himself as Durik, faithful retainer of the goddess, Laex. He couldn't help but overhear the party's need for a new cleric and he was more than interested in the job.

Exiled from his homeland in the north, Durik had come south in an effort to battle evil and help spread the word of the goddess of wind and storm. A facial tic was his only distinguishing characteristic and after a short talk, Thowin and Imorfin accepted him into the party.

Godsday, 18 Harvester

Art by William Bowen
Balork visited the Mage's Guild, marveling at the size of the halls. But the young mage was not granted access to the libraries. Instead he was made aware of the fee of 200 gold coins for membership to the Guild. In fact, it was a requirement that all Mages in Enharza join the Guild and he was given two weeks to return with the fee. He vowed to return.

Thowin Four Fingers recruited Boarface, the aptly named torchbearer, to replace Nux.

No new leads were discovered, so the party decided to return to Stonehell the following day. Fretta thwarted an urchin's attempt to pick her pocket as she sat in the tavern. She gave the youth a good smack before he scrambled out of the tavern. Bursus laughed while Durik shook his head, thinking that perhaps the kid was hungry.

Everyone turned in early with a full day's march to Stonehell ahead of them in the morning.

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