Sunday, August 23, 2015

Retainer Carousing Rules

With many thanks to Jeff Rients who paved the way….

Retainer Carousing Table
1 Alcohol Poisoning (see subtable for effects)
2 Way too friendly with the tavern wench --> banned from tavern for good
3 Signed up for weekend's Arena Games (see subtable for opponent)
4 Mugged and robbed of all valuables
5 Signed up with Cap'n Quint --> ship out in two days
6 Wake up naked and in jail (d6 x 10gp to get out)
7 Bar Fight (d4 x 20gp in damages)
8 New tattoo (1-3 it's kinda cool, 4 it's lame, 5 it would be cool if not for the mistake, 6 it actually says something crude/stupid/insulting in an unknown language)
9 Buy/lift/find a treasure map!

Artist unknown
10 Hungover - no ill effects
11 You won the oiled pig race - you've made a name for yourself!
12 Wake up hungover and engaged to the local tavern wench!
13 Pissed off somebody (see subtable for who and what)
14 Bar Fight --> lose teeth and break nose (-d3 hp and -1 on all rolls for a day)
15 Fell for a lady of the night
16 Discover that you have latent magical abilities (hedge wizard); start at -250xp and d3 cantrips
17 Hungover - no ill effects
18 Joined a cult….uh-oh (Use d30 Sandbox Companion to generate)
19 Hooked up with the wrong crowd and ended up in a black lotus den (roll on subtable from Raggi's Death Frost Doom for effects!)
20 Alcohol poisoning (see subtable for effects)

Alcohol Poisoning (roll on both sub tables)
Pick your poison
1 Dragon Ale
2 Dwarven Spirits
3 Demon's Brew
4 Ork Milk
5 Elven Wine
6 Death Grog

1 -2 on all rolls for d3 days
2 Blindness for d3 days
3 Addicted!!
4 Bedridden for d3 days
5 Bedridden for a day and lose all hair…permanently
6 Oracular visions….

Art by Raph04art
Arena opponent
1 Brutus, current hero (2nd level fighter)
2 One-armed white ape
3 Giant scorpion
4 Two-headed hyena
5 Axe-wielding barbarian princess
6 The Thing in the cage…..

Who did the retainer piss off? (roll on both sub tables)
1 Thieves Guild
2 Mages Guild
3 City Watch
4 Cult/Church/Sect

1 Cash only….
2 Perhaps a service could be performed….
3 Not a chance - bad blood!


  1. Heh, that looks like a fun table!

    Love the E.O. drawing at the top too ("And then there was one..."). Just noticed that.

    1. Yeah, it's one of my favorites. From the first time I saw it as a twelve year old, I've always assumed he was the last survivor of some ill-fated dungeon expedition...