Saturday, November 15, 2014

PLAY REPORT - Session 1, part 2

In borrowing again from John Yorio, I have decided to include the questions I ask of Mythic and the resulting answers. Already the oracle takes some of the adventure material and twists it slightly, adding some interesting color. This is the part I most enjoy - watching the story develop organically by way of randomization!

Thowin Four Fingers, a fighter
Imorfin the elf
Reldari the cleric, and his torchbearer, Nux
Fretta the Dark, a thief
Balork the Medium, a magic-user and Bursus, his man-at-arms

We rejoin the party in the entry chamber on the first level of Stonehell, contemplating which way to go….

After lighting new torches the party opted for one of the two passages heading to the south. Thowin led the way as they entered a square chamber littered with bones. A quick examination revealed the remains likely to be humanoid. Old blood stains covered a good portion of the stone floor.  A lowered portcullis could be seen to the west down a short passage, but before the party could investigate further, a strong wind began swirling about, growing stronger and stronger until the two torches were extinguished.

"Fools! Flee before your bones rest here evermore," boomed a voice in the darkness, followed by sinister laughter. (Question: Does the party flee? Very unlikely - 25, Yes)

The party didn't think twice and as one, bolted from the room. Back in the entry chamber Thowin and Imorfin steadied the group and led the way down the other southern corridor.

Voices were heard up ahead coming from a side passage.  Thowin peered around the corner and immediately discovered the source - a party of dwarves standing at the bottom of a pit in the middle of the hallway. (Random Encounter check came up with 4 dwarves. They were coming from a side passage that had a pit trap. Question: Are the dwarves trapped in the pit? Unlikely - 23, Yes; Are any of the dwarves injured? 50-50 - 4, Exceptional yes; so I judge that one of the dwarves actually bought the farm in the fall)

Imorfin and Thowin instinctively moved forward to help the trapped dwarves. Ropes were dropped down and the grateful demihumans were pulled up. With the exception of one poor dwarf who impaled himself on his pickaxe, the rest seemed to be no worse for wear, escaping with mild bumps and bruises.

The group was led by one Snorri Broadshoulders, and the party soon found out that the dwarves were exploring Stonehell on a sort of archeological expedition, looking for examples of ancient dwarven construction.

(Question: Will Snorri and the dwarves leave with their fallen comrade? Unlikely - 22, Yes. The doubles mean a scene interruption from the Mythic Oracle. The event focus is 'NPC Positive' with a meaning 'Dispute Liberty'….how to interpret?)

The dwarves debated whether or not to continue with their expedition, but Snorri ultimately decided to return to the surface with their dead comrade. But before they departed one of the younger dwarves engaged Snorri in an intense discussion. Apparently the lad was seeking permission to join Thowin's group, and after a few words between Snorri and the human fighter, his wish was granted. (Random Encounter check negative) So with Loro added to the ranks, the group parted ways with Snorri. 

They came across one empty chamber and after a fruitless search, quickly continued on to the south and found a door at the end of the passage. They entered the chamber beyond and immediately realized they had found one of the rooms that Snorri was seeking. The stonework of the walls and ceiling were of the highest quality and obviously very old. Images of dwarven gods in bas-relief adorned the walls. Loro immediately began sketching and taking notes, completely lost in his admiration of the ancient dwarven stonework.

When Fretta as the last of the party entered the room, the door slammed shut before anyone realized there was no handle on the inside. Thankfully there was another hallway that provided an exit from the chamber, but Thowin and Imorfin motioned for everyone to take a rest, resigned to the fact that there was no way back the way they had come.

While Loro scribbled away, rations were pulled out and the party rested.  Bursus pulled out a piece of wood and began whittling as he and Nux  chatted about all the treasure they we certain soon to find.

(To be continued…)


  1. I really enjoy the characters names, especially Fretta the Dark. That's awesome!

    1. Yeah, I love it when random tables generate something I would never have thought of. Don't forget she's also albino!

      And thanks for stopping by - I'm a fan of your blog!