Sunday, November 2, 2014

Welcome to the Ever Expanding Sandbox!

Not that I actually expect anyone to find this blog-equivalent of Tatooine, but if you have stumbled here, welcome!

Inspired by the Ever Expanding Dungeon my aim is to flesh out and develop a small sandbox via solo play using random tables, generators, and lots of dice! I had already started developing this sandbox for a short-lived PBP game, but never got further than generating the map, details of the main city, and ideas for adventure locales. I do have some specific thoughts about what I'm looking to develop, but I very much want to 'play' through its creation using numerous generators and tables to add a healthy (over)dose of randomness throughout.

As well as being an outlet to scratch my fantasy itch, I hope the developed sandbox will provide a rich setting for later least that is the idea in theory! And this blog will serve as a repository for my thoughts and ideas and as a record of the development progress of my sandbox. And of course session summaries from my solo play will feature prominently!

Welcome again to the Ever Expanding Sandbox!

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  1. Great idea to generate a sandbox through solo play! I might have to try it myself.